Choose from a variety of sessions to meet the schedule and skill level of your athlete.

All seven sessions offer Private Training options and a Goalkeeper Track.

Classic with TeamFirst:

Session I (June 24 – 28)

Open to athletes rising into grades 4 – 10

Athletes receive 3 full days of BSA coaching and two days of coaching from TeamFirst Soccer Academy and US Soccer legends Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Tisha Venturini Hoch along with University of Texas Women’s Coach Ange Kelly. For more information, visit our TeamFirst page.


Session II (July 1-5

Session III (July 8-12

Session IV (July 15-19)

Session V (July 22- Aug 26)

Open to athletes rising into grades 4 – 9

These sessions offer expert coaching, at least 2 training periods during each full day and competitive tournament play. There are 9 elective periods in each session for campers to try new things like: Yoga, Cooking, Stand-up Paddleboarding, Fishing and more.

Berkshire Invitational:

Session VI (July 29- Aug)

Open to athletes rising into grades 7 – 11

The Berkshire Invitational is limited to high-level competitive players. It is otherwise identical to the Classic sessions. For more information on eligibility, visit our Invitational page.

Varsity Program:

Session VII (August 5-9)

Open to athletes rising into grades 8 – 12

Dedicated to rising high school athletes who want to train and prepare for tryouts and the fall season. Although the general schedule is similar to our Classic sessions, the training and programming is geared toward older, more mature athletes. The program offers a special focus on the mental aspects of getting ready for tryouts and the high school season.

High School Team Camp:

Session VIII (August 13 – 17)

Open to teams with members rising into grades 9-12

The High School Team Camp is open to groups of 8 or more. It focuses on helping them prepare for fall season together! It is open to athletes playing soccer at any level in public or private high schools.


Bridge Sessions: Thursday – Sunday between every 5 day session

Athletes have the opportunity to add an optional 2-day Bridge Session to extend their experience at the Academy or to connect multiple camp sessions. During Bridge Sessions, athletes enjoy a much-needed break, allowing their bodies to rest and recuperate for the next session of intensive training. They get to immerse themselves in our elective activities and enjoy off-camp day trips to major Berkshire area attractions.

Bridge day trips have included: Ramblewild, Appalachian Trail, adventure courses and river tubing! Learn more about our Bridge Programs.



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