The Academy selects up to 65 top-notch staff from around the world and gives them the opportunity to learn, meet new friends, impact children, and have fun.


To Apply

Check out our available Jobs at the Academy: then submit our online Staff Application.

*Meals, lodging and transportation provided. Applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Work at the Academy

Working at the Academy is great for your career!

Working at the Berkshire Soccer Academy provides practical, meaningful experience to build your character and your resume; according to this USA Today article: “Skip The Internship, Go to Camp“.


Regardless of your role, you will have the opportunity to work with outstanding people at the Academy. You will practice your own skills, and you will develop invaluable lifelong contacts with current and future leaders in your field.


Leaders in every field appreciate the skills necessary to succeed at the Academy  – teamwork, creativity, leadership, the ability to command respect, openness to new experiences, and relationship building with a diverse group of people. These are all vital to a successful career in business, coaching, education, psychology, and more!


Mentoring campers and staff to become good people, skilled players, and smart professionals can be immeasurably rewarding. Come spend your summer with other talented people committed to children and their passion for soccer.


All staff enjoy access to the Academy’s facilities during their scheduled break times. If you are a college athlete, you can prepare for pre-season by training and playing with other soccer coaches.


Soccer coaches practice their coaching skills in the truest soccer instruction environment possible. Our Soccer Directors and Master Coaches are available to guide and support the growth and learning of every coach. Coaches also have the unique opportunity to learn from our Visiting Pros and from soccer legends Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Tisha Venturini Hoch and University of Texas Coach Ange Kelly during our session with TeamFirst Soccer Academy.


During time off, you can explore this beautiful part of the country. Enjoy the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts which are widely recognized as “America’s Cultural Resort.”

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Staff FAQ’s

Hired staff receive a Staff Handbook outlining all the details of life and work at the Academy. Here are answers to some of the important questions that are also addressed in the Staff Handbook and during Staff Orientation.

What is staff orientation? Do I have to attend?
Where do the staff come from?
Will I have internet access?
Can I bring a phone to camp?  When can I use my phone?
Do I need a physical examination?
When do I get paid?
What is the schedule at camp?
When do I have time off or days off?
May I bring a car to camp?
Is there a dress code?
Where can I do laundry?
What if my family needs to contact me?
What if I get sick or injured?
How do I get to camp?

Q. What is staff orientation?  Do I have to attend?
A. Staff orientation is an important time for all of our staff members to come together and learn about camp protocol, safety procedures, cultural aspects, sensitivity training, and many other topics. In accordance with the American Camp Association standards, we require all staff to attend training and orientation. Cabin Counselors attend 6 days of training and orientation. We provide transportation, meals, and housing during this time.

Q. Where do the staff come from?
A. The Academy’s staff come from across the US and the world, including Canada, Europe and Central and South America.

Q. Can I bring a phone to camp?  When can I use my phone?
A. Yes, you can bring your phone to camp. Staff can use their phones during break times and only inside the Staff House. Cell phones cannot be used in the presence of campers and must be stored in a locked locker in the Staff House. Depending on the provider, cell reception can be limited at the Academy.

Q. Do I need a physical examination?
A. Yes. All staff need to obtain a physical examination before arriving at the Academy; and are also required to fill out the Health History Form.

Q. When do I get paid?
A. Payroll occurs on the 15th and last day of each month, regardless of the timing or duration of your employment. If you are not present to collect your paycheck, it will be mailed to you or deposited directly into your bank account.

Q. What is the schedule at camp?
A. While every day at the Academy is unique and full of surprises, the days do follow a common structure. We bring variety to each camp session, including surprise events and special guest appearances. View a Sample Day at the Academy.

Q. When do I have time-off or days-off?
A. All staff have regularly-scheduled daily breaks and at least 1 day-off per 6 working days. Days-off typically occur between camp sessions.

Q. May I bring a car to camp?
A. Yes. There is a staff parking lot for those who drive to camp.

Q. Is there a dress code?
A. Yes. As positive role models for our campers, we require all Academy staff to dress appropriately and according to our policies. All staff are provided with logoed BSA shirts for each day of a camp session. Athletic and cotton/canvas shorts or pants are required. All shorts must be a presentable length. We ask that excessive tattoos and piercings be removed or concealed. Hair should be worn in a way that does not inhibit work.

Q. Where can I do laundry?
A. There are 2 washing machines and 2 coin-operated dryers located in the Staff House for staff to share. Staff can visit a local coin-operated laundromat in nearby Otis during their days-off. More information on laundry procedures can be found in the Staff Handbook.

Q. What if my family needs to contact me?
A. The camp office contact information can be given to family members for use in case of an emergency.

Q. What if I get sick or injured?
A. Our fully-equipped Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day by a registered nurse. We also have a full-time Athletic Trainer and an on-call Physician who is available seven days a week. Our nurse is aware of all staff and camper needs via the Health History Form and distributes medication to staff at meal-times or bedtime. The Health Center can accommodate overnight stays, and there is a hospital within a 25-minute drive. Our full-time licensed Athletic Trainer is on the field during every soccer session and provides pre and post-training treatments in the Academy’s Training Room.

Q. How do I get to camp?
A. Staff are provided an appropriate travel stipend to be used toward transportation to and from camp. Staff may drive their own vehicles to camp or travel by other available modes.