Varsity Athletes Gain Confidence Before High School Tryouts

Session VIII: Varsity August 6-10, 2023

A Player Development Camp for High School Athletes

The Varsity Program is dedicated to rising high school athletes who want to train and prepare for tryouts and for the fall season. Although the general schedule is similar to a Classic session, the training and programming is geared toward older, more mature athletes. The program offers a special focus on the mental aspects of preparing for tryouts and for the season.

To qualify for this session, players must be in 7th-11th grade during the 2022-2023 school year.

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High school soccer presents a new set of challenges. The Varsity Session provides a place for athletes to belong and train with the specific goal of showing up to tryouts feeling prepared.

o   Physical – Improving their decision making time and speed of play.
o   Mental – Developing skills and strategies to be respond wisely on and off the field.
o   Social – Training with more experienced players and coaches.

Watch the Video to See What Campers Said About The Varsity Session

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“As happy as she was during her two weeks at Berky, the benefits of her time there really showed once the fall soccer season started at her school. Coaches, parents and players couldn’t stop exclaiming about her new techniques, level of play and confidence. Her game, which had reached a plateau in the last couple of years, took off to the next level. She is now considering playing in college, and is looking into getting recruited.”

— 2016 Parent