Athletes seeking more instruction on a specific skill can add a Private Training session.

A 1-hour additional training period can be added during any soccer session for an added fee. All private trainings take place either in the morning before breakfast or during afternoon elective periods so as not to interfere with regularly-scheduled soccer sessions, meals, rest times or special events. We collect training topic requests on arrival day and encourage athletes and parents to decide together on the topic. Private training coaches provide feedback to players and parents on departure day.

Individual Training

  • $150 per private training session
  • Select 1 private training session per week
  • 60 minutes either before breakfast or during afternoon elective period
  • Individualized coaching focused on 1 or 2 topics selected by athlete
  • Written and verbal feedback provided

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Topics for training may include, but are not limited to:

– Striking / Finishing
– 1 v. 1 Attacking or Defending
– Long balls / Corner Kicks
– First Touch / Foot Skills
– Heading / Aerial Control / Trapping
– Passing Accuracy & Pace
– Speed of Play / Dribbling / Speed & Agility
– Goalkeeper Skills

To add a Private Training to your Academy experience:

STEP 1: The option to add Private Training is available to enrolled campers based on the date of enrollment. A request to add a Private Training can be submitted from the Forms & Documents section of an enrolled camper’s account.

STEP 2: You will complete a brief form that confirms your Private Training session and allows you to request the training topic.
*Arrival day is also the last opportunity to cancel a Private Training session with a full refund. Cancellations after arrival day will not be refunded.

STEP 3: After camp, the private training coach will provide feedback, and also will share any recommendations for future training.