Members of our Leadership Team, play a crucial role in helping girls develop as whole players, build meaningful relationships, and have good ol’ clean fun. They oversee cabin life, health and wellness, soccer and elective programming, and special events. 

Residential Life Team

Our Res Life Leaders guide, mentor, and assist 8-12 cabin counselors throughout the summer. Res life leaders work closely with the health team, address interpersonal issues and homesickness and communicate with camp families when necessary.   

Soccer Coordinator

Berky’s Soccer Coordinator implements and oversees the Academy’s soccer curriculum. They assist in training, mentoring and developing the soccer staff, and they manage group assignments, player evaluations and session plans. Experienced Berky coach, Isa Zanzini will return as our Soccer Coordinator for summer 2024.

Program Assistant

The Program Assistant works with the Directors to organize, develop, and facilitate elective and evening programs. She is responsible to create and maintain the quality of electives and special events.   

Waterfront Supervisor

The Waterfront Supervisor oversees a team of lifeguards and lakefront activity instructors to insure a safe, organized and fun lakefront. Waterfront safety is her top responsibility. They also oversee emergency preparedness, shallow and deep-water swimming and enforces waterfront rules. 

Health Team

Our Health team is available 24 hours a day to assist campers and staff with all physical, emotional and mental health needs. Our Visiting RN, Visiting Wellness Coordinator and Athletic Trainers live on site all summer.

Head Coaches 

Nearly all of our Head Soccer Coaches are returning staff. They serve as a bridge between our college-aged Assistant Coaches and our Master Coaches who come for one or two weeks. Head coaches mentor Assistant Coaches and insure that Berky’s norms infuse the soccer fields.