Frequently Asked Questions About Working at Berky

First time applying to work at Camp? Check out these FAQ's

We are working hard to ensure that we have appropriate Health & Safety Protocols in place for the summer that respond to the current climate and needs. While things are continuing to evolve and change we will continue to update and share this information on our “Safe at Soccer Camp” page.

The Berkshire Soccer Academy is located in East Otis, in Western Massachusetts. 120 miles north of New York, and 120 miles West of Boston.

Our athletes have a passion for soccer and a desire to develop as well-rounded players, on and off the field. Approximately 140 athletes attend the Berkshire Soccer Academy every session. Ages vary by session, but all athletes are at least 9 and no older than 17. 85 percent of our athletes come from the northeastern United States. The rest travel from across the US and the world, including Canada, Europe, Asia, and Central and South America.

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Berkshire Soccer Academy employs about 75 staff members for the summer in a range of roles. About half are hired to work as soccer coaches. If you have a passion to work with kids and want to have a positive impact on a summer community, we probably have a role for you.

Yes. You should complete an online application. We hire many international staff members. We help them obtain J-1 visas through one of our international staffing agencies.

Camp is structured and demanding. We like to say it is “the toughest job you will ever love.” Staff members have several breaks a day and one full day off a week.

Before camp opens, we offer 6 full days of staff training that cover all aspects of youth development and group cohesion. The training, which is developed with the assistance of child development and camp industry experts, prepares our staff to instill in our girls mutual respect, individual responsibility, sportsmanship, and kindness. Pre-camp training also addresses safety issues, emergency procedures, and program preparation. Throughout the summer, each staff member will receive consistent feedback and support from her immediate supervisor to grow and develop in her role.


How to best prepare to work at Berkshire Soccer Academy

We require staff to be available early-June through early-August, with exact dates depending on position. We highly value consistency at camp and prefer that staff work for the full two-month schedule. We can be flexible and make small exceptions for preseason and school obligations. All staff are required to be available for our staff orientation week (June 13 – June 19).

The Academy’s staff come from across the US and the world, including Canada, Europe and Central and South America.

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While every day at the Academy is unique and full of surprises, the days do follow a common structure. View a Sample Day at the Academy.

You will receive two regularly-scheduled daily breaks. During breaks, you may use available facilities to recreate, or you may opt to read or nap. In addition, you receive 1 day off (a continuous 24 hour period) per 6 working days. Days off typically occur on the weekend between camp sessions. In an effort to maintain a controlled community this summer, we will monitor and minimize comings and goings. As we will be restricting staff from leaving camp, we will do our best to create new opportunities for staff on site. Staff who run low on an essential item can order online or place an order with the office for pick up.

Our housekeeping staff provides weekly laundry service to staff. Each staff member is assigned a laundry day during the week. Staff can also visit a local coin-operated laundromat in nearby Otis on days off. More information on laundry procedures can be found in the Staff Handbook.

Yes, we actually recommend that you bring your phone and a tablet or laptop to camp so that you can connect to the internet, complete school work, and stay connected to the outside world and family. With that being said, we are sensitive to the use of technology and require all staff to ensure that the campers experience a technology-free, unplugged experience.

Staff can use technology during break times but only inside the Staff House. Cell phones cannot be used in the presence of campers. Depending on the provider, cell reception can be limited at the Academy.

Staff can get paid in the method of their choice, on an every other week basis;

  • Direct Deposit (Domestic Staff only)
  • Live Check at camp or mailed.
  • Pre-paid Card (Provided for all International staff)

Staff are provided a standardized travel stipend to be used toward transportation to and from camp. Our Directors will help you plan your travel to camp. Camp has three locations that staff can be picked up from

Staff may also drive their own vehicles to camp and may park at camp.


What can you expect this summer at Camp

Of course you can!  Camp is a very active environment, and we encourage you to take part in all activities with your campers. In addition, in your free time, you will have access to our Fitness Center, the lake (when a lifeguard is on duty), hiking trails, and fields.

Staff who are Cabin Counselors live with children in cabins. The cabins are climate-controlled, comfortable, and have both indoor plumbing and electricity. Our cabins house 8-12 campers and at least 2 staff members.


Our leadership staff and support staff live in private and semi-private accommodations. Accommodations are comfortable, climate-controlled, and typically in a stand-alone building.

Our food is very good. While we cannot accommodate special individualized requests, we do have many options at each meal to support those who are vegetarian, gluten, or dairy-free. These include extensive fruit and bread bars at every meal, an oatmeal bar at breakfast, and a full salad bar at lunch and dinner.

Our fully-equipped Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day. We also have a full-time Athletic Trainer and an on-call medical practice. Our nurses are aware of all staff and camper needs via the Health History Form and distribute medication to staff at meal-times or bedtime. The Health Center can accommodate overnight stays, and there is a hospital within a 25-minute drive. Our full-time licensed Athletic Trainer is on the field during every soccer session and provides pre and post-training treatments in the Academy’s Training Room.