The Best 2 Weeks of Soccer Camp

A Season of Training in Just 2 Weeks at Soccer Camp

Two-week sessions provide a season of training in just 12 days.  The 18 training sessions are equivalent to a typical spring or fall club season.  Athletes can also add one private training and as many as 8 soccer-elective periods.  

2-Week Benefits

  • Variety – Two-week campers work with different coaches from our mostly female team and experience unique elective activities and special events.  
  • Feedback – At the end of the first five days, athletes receive written feedback from one of their training group coaches. They review the feedback with that coach and together determine how to maximize the next five days of training.
  • Appropriate Rest – Following the first 5 days of training, athletes recharge with a two and one-half day bridge session featuring off-site excursions, extended electives and extra rest.
  • More Games – Two session campers can participate in a full-field scrimmage against other Berky athletes.
  • Extra Skills – An extended stay creates more comfort during the second week of training. When campers are more familiar, they take healthy risks on the field, which creates new opportunities to discover unexpected skills.


2-Week Session FAQ's

Two-week sessions incorporate a two and one-half day “Bridge” that include an off-camp trip, extended electives and plenty of rest. Two week campers receive mid-session feedback. They also experience different evening activities and have the opportunity to play a competitive game on Saturday.

Two week and one-week campers engage in all activities together and often share cabins. Wherever possible, we try to place two-week campers in the same cabin.

Each week’s daily schedule is the same; however, the activities differ. Evening activities such as the Cabin Cup and the Berky Tourney differ by week. Athletes choose different electives each week.

Two-week session athletes have 18 training sessions and an optional Saturday game. Athletes can also sign up for a private training and select up to 8 1-hour soccer elective sessions.

The mid-session Bridge gives campers plenty of opportunity to rest. Athletes can sleep in on Friday and Saturday and choose restful electives on Saturday.

Each session features different master coaches with different styles. Combining a TeamFirst session with Session II provides access to completely different training. Likewise, combining Session VI with the Invitational Session, or the Invitational and the Varsity Sessions provide a lot of variety.

Approximately 1/3 of athletes stay for two weeks.

Master coaches, who lead each training group, differ each week. Head coaches and assistant coaches are present for the entire summer.

Every effort is made to keep two-week campers in the same cabin; however, it’s possible that a two week athlete will switch cabins mid-session.

The Academy provides free laundry services for two session campers. Clothing, under-garments, towels, and sheets are laundered over the weekend between sessions.

Yes. Goalkeepers and field players receive all of the same benefits from a two week session.


If you have questions about which session would be best for your daughter, send us a message with your questions before enrolling and one of our full-time advisors will be in touch shortly.