We blend world-class coaching with a friendly and inviting traditional camp setting to guide girls to discover their greatness on and off the field.

The Academy’s innovative coaching approach provides each athlete with consistent, individualized instruction.

Individual Improvement

The goal of our soccer program is to meet every player where she is and to challenge her to work harder, faster, and with more precision on the ball—so that she develops and returns home to contribute to her team with more ability, confidence and passion.

Athletes receive ongoing instruction and frequent feedback from the 16+ coaches who are on the field at every session. Athletes have a ball at their feet during a large part of every session and get hundreds, and, sometimes, thousands of touches a day. Coaches focus on fundamentals like ball control, passing, shooting, and first touch; as well as more advanced attacking and defending techniques. Regardless of ability, every player is pushed to the edge of her game so she improves as much as possible.

Development through Meaningful Relationships

At the beginning of the week, all athletes are placed into one of our five training groups. Each training group of approximately 25-30 players works with the same 4-5 coaches throughout the week. These coaches, led by a Master Coach, provide each player with consistent instruction and individualized skill development. Both coaches and players benefit from getting to know one another, and they form meaningful relationships, which, combined with an elite training environment, yield extraordinary results. Over the past two summers, 98% of BSA athletes have reported improvement in their soccer.

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About the Soccer Program

Team Play

Our athletes also focus on game-specific training and competitive play. We schedule two fun and exciting tournaments and optional scrimmages during which teams, which may include goalkeepers, work on movement off the ball and strategic play. Field sizes are age appropriate, so younger players play small-sided games while Varsity athletes sometimes play 9 v 9 or 11 v 11 on our regulation field.

Mental Skills Training for Soccer

Beyond technical and tactical development, athletes engage in daily mental skills training—both on and off the field. Mental skills topics are incorporated into training sessions and included in post-training debrief discussions.

The Academy’s Mental Skill curriculum is focused around these 5 topics:

  • Attitude
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation/Team Communication
  • Positive Self-Talk/ Emotional Regulation
  • Visualization

Goalkeeper Track

The Goalkeeper Track is offered to both new and experienced goalkeepers at every session. Goalkeepers step away from their training group for at least one, 45-minute keeper-specific training session each day. During these sessions, goalkeepers work with our dedicated keeper staff on techniques like positioning, catching, diving and distribution. Goalkeepers train as field players during all other soccer sessions to develop necessary foot skills. To train as a goalkeeper at the Academy this summer, indicate “Goalkeeping Track” on your Camper Application.

Soccer FAQ’s

To learn more about Private Training, Visiting Pros, or other soccer-related questions, visit our FAQ’s or contact us to have your specific questions answered.

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