Berky Girls balance the intensity of soccer training with the enjoyment and opportunity of our optional elective activities, evening programs, and special events.
Elective Program - Overview

During elective periods, girls explore, spend time with friends, and most importantly, relax and have FUN! We offer 6 – 10 different electives during each athlete’s two daily elective periods. Our elective sign-up and scheduling system ensures that most athletes are able to participate in their first-choice elective.

Elective Program - CreativeCreative

Arts & Crafts  

Our creative elective programs are some of our most popular. Arts & Crafts offers different projects each day and during each session. These vary from making friendship bracelets to tile-art, from tie-dye to dream catchers.


Swimming  |  Canoeing  | Funyaks | Stand-Up Paddleboard |  Fishing  | Aqua Playground  

Our Waterfront Director works closely with our lifeguards and instructors to offer an array of activities at our spring-fed, private 20-acre lake. They ensure that our lakefront is a safe and fun place for our campers to cool off and relax. Swimming is offered at every elective period, weather permitting. Our aqua playground includes a Blob, a Rockit, a trampoline, a quarter pipe, and a floating island.

Elective Program - Health and WellnessFitness & Wellness   

Yoga  |  Soccer  |  Cooking  |  Rec Deck  |  Chill Zone  |  Paddleboard Yoga

Our yoga elective helps athletes improve their flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination all of which translate to improved soccer skills. Can’t get enough soccer? Join the soccer elective and work on your juggling and footwork or play a game of Soccer Tennis. This could be the summer you master “The Rainbow” or “Around the World“! Our cooking elective teaches athletes healthy, delicious, and easy recipes. For others, playing games on the Rec Deck like four-square, carpet-ball, and Gaga is the way to go. Or relax in our Chill Zone where you can read, relax, play on giant Connect4 and Jenga sets, or try 9 Square in the Air.
Elective Program - Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Activities

Archery  |  Campfire Building  

Campers can try archery or sign up for a leisurely hike around the lake or to the nearby waterfall. Elective sessions may also include building a campfire or outdoor cooking.

Elective Program - Special Events

Special Events & Evening Activities

To shake up the daily schedule, we incorporate Special Events throughout each session. It might be an “Aqua Olympics”, or “Real Life Angry Birds.” Among our most popular evening activities are the campfires that open and close every session. And we dream up new activities for every session!