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We constantly speak about the magic of camp and how it impacts the girls’ lives. Much of the magic we create takes place on the soccer field because we provide an inspirational and positive setting for athletes to train as a whole player and create meaningful relationships with their coaches. This setting allows each player to receive individualized feedback and instruction so they can take their game to the next level.

While all athletes at the Academy experience one-on-one coaching, about 15% of our athletes have the opportunity to supplement their group training experience with a specialized one-on-one Private Training session. So why do we offer private training? We believe it is beneficial for three important reasons, it:

  • builds confidence – An athlete takes more touches on the ball and completes more repetitions than she would in a team training session. Through repetitions she gains competency, which leads to comfort, which leads to confidence!
  • focuses on the individual – The instruction she receives is tailored to her specific needs, and she can receive immediate, detailed and direct feedback on her mechanics and technique.
  • accelerates growth – During private training sessions, athletes tackle topics of their choosing, so they feel a greater sense of accomplishment and genuinely show the improvements they have made in a single session.

All athletes experience these benefits in our soccer sessions, and are thrilled with the learning and development that occurs in group training. But there are some girls who want to increase and intensify their gains even more, and so we recommend our Private Training sessions.

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