Imagine the best summer job in the world. Picture yourself creating life-long friendships, developing in your career, and being a role model to 10 – 16 year-old girls from around the country.

Each summer, our elective staff has the opportunity to hike around our beautiful private lake, fish in our lake, shoot your best shot with archery, or create groovy tie-dye t-shirts with the campers. Our elective team is made up of some of the most inspiring and unique people who create a welcoming and fun environment for anybody who steps foot into the Berkshire Soccer Academy.

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Best Summer Job Ever

  • Work alongside some of the most enthusiastic people at camp who are proven leaders in their fields. Our elective team includes: hiking, fire building, waterfront, fishing, arts & crafts, archery, recreation games, and cooking.
  • Your salary includes a travel stipend, free housing and meals, and access to our beautiful camp facilities like our gym, the lake, and relaxing staff common areas.
  • Create life-long friendships with fellow staff members who want nothing more than to grow and laugh alongside you all summer long.


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