The camper experience is a combination of world-class soccer training, a nurturing environment, camp fun and many new friendships!

While every day at the Berkshire Soccer Academy for Girls is unique and full of surprises, the days do follow a common structure. On a typical day, girls participate in 2 soccer training periods, 2 elective periods, and 1 evening activity. We bring variety to each session with special programming that includes surprise events and guest appearances.


Camper Cabins

Berkshire athletes live in fully renovated, air-conditioned, pine-paneled cabins, which are clustered together and centrally located. A typical cabin houses 10 girls and 2 cabin counselors. Cabins have private bathrooms, with showers, sinks and toilets. All cabins have screened windows and individual storage areas.

Camper Experience - Cabin CounselorsCabin Counselors

Athletes form close bonds with both their cabin-mates and their Cabin Counselors. Cabin Counselors, all of whom are at least 18 and have completed one year of college, provide ongoing supervision, promote friendships, attend to campers’ needs, and encourage positive group interaction and cohesion. Cabin Counselors are hired and trained to be positive mentors and role models.

Inclement Weather

We constantly monitor the weather. Soccer sessions and most other activities carry on in the rain; however, in the event of lightening, heavy rain, or strong winds, we switch to a “Rainy-Day Schedule”. The training, games, and fun continue indoors until the weather improves.

In the event of a heat wave, we rearrange the daily schedule as appropriate. We may hold early morning and evening trainings and add an all-camp swim in the lake!


We provide laundry service for campers enrolled in Bridge Sessions or if health concerns require.