Session I with TeamFirst

Session I with TeamFirst (Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Tisha Venturini)

TeamFirst (Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Tisha Venturini Hoch) returned to the Berkshire Soccer Academy for their 7th year to offer a once-in-a-lifetime overnight soccer camp experience. They, along with University of Texas Women’s Head Coach Ange Kelly led on-field training and a soccer tournament during Session I. TeamFirst helps girls cultivate a sense of self-worth in order to reach their full potential in life. Athletes come to TeamFirst to learn, work, compete, and have fun, and to play with love and respect for the game.

Session I Highlight Video

Session I with TeamFirst Photo Gallery and Daily Updates

Sunday: Soccer Camp Arrival

Thank you to the families for making Arrival Day a smooth one. The girls started their day with fun games on the rec deck followed by their first soccer session at BSA. We are so excited for a great week!

Opening Campfire

Campers were joined by Mia, Kristine, and Tisha at the end of their first soccer session. They then spent some time trying out some of the many electives we will be offering this Session. In the evening, the staff shared a variety of skits and songs at the opening campfire. The goal of the night was to relax the campers and show them that Berky is a safe place to develop on and off the field. By the end of the session, campers will be asked to share their own contributions as a cabin at this week’s “PJ Party” themed closing Campfire.

Monday: Starting Soccer Training and Electives

Campers spent Monday morning at their first Soccer Session with TeamFirst learning many valuable skills on the field. Afterward, they participated in some more electives.

Cabin Cup

Res Life Groups Dash & Courage had some time in the late afternoon for an Autograph and Photo Session with TeamFirst. This evening, Campers came together as bunkmates to compete in the one and only…Cabin Cup (ahhhh! 🙌) This week, campers participated in Aqua Olympics. Be sure to check out our pictures of all the craziness and fun that ensued.

Tuesday: Player Development at Berky

Bright and early Tuesday morning, the girls were out on the fields training with Team First. Check out some of the action!

Berky Tourney

We had a rainy afternoon, but that did not stop our TeamFirst Q&A Sessions, Electives, or the Berky Tourney. Our Res Life Groups Reign & Royals had the opportunity for photos with TeamFirst. Later in the afternoon, the girls worked together in an egg drop activity, a fashion show with outfits made from trash bags, and arts and crafts. Tuesday Evening the girls hit the fields to compete in this week’s NWSL inspired Berky Tourney. Don’t miss out on highlights of the action!

Wednesday: Girls Soccer Training and (S’)more

Campers spent the morning on the soccer fields for another high-energy training session with TeamFirst.

Closing Campfire

Campers stepped on stage and performed together at tonight’s PJ-Party Themed Closing Campfire. Campers and staff alike were treated to skits, songs, and plenty of laughs… And s’mores were on the menu too! Delish!

Thursday: Final Training Sessions & Electives

After a fun-filled week, Session I has drawn to a close. The campers enjoyed the last of their electives and soccer training sessions of the week with their coaches and counselors. Each Cabin also had the chance to join at the Moose for an all-cabin photo.

Soccer Camp Departure

The week has finally come to a close. Thank you parents for making Departure Day a smooth one! Goodbyes are hard, but we hope to see our campers again soon!

Bridge A

After a solid week of training, the girls slept in and were treated to Laser Tag, Cotton Candy, and fun soccer scrimmages. They also had the opportunity to enjoy some more electives over the weekend.

Bridges are designed to connect sessions and give athletes recovery time after or between sessions to optimize peak performance, avoid overexertion, and bond with other campers. Read more about the development of our bridge program and how it’s helping future athletes succeed.

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Bridge Availability

Would you like to offer your camper an extended stay? The Bridge Program includes fun in-camp activities, sleep-in mornings, and a relaxed day at camp to have fun with new friends.