Working with Families & Campers to Address Homesickness at Soccer Camp

Away From Home Guide

It is reported that more than 97% of children who attend overnight camps experience feelings of homesickness. However, most of these campers can overcome these feelings as they utilize coping strategies and realize the support that is available to them at camp. As they settle in, their feelings of missing home diminish and often change into a desire to prolong their stay at camp.
At Berkshire Soccer Academy, we are confident in our ability to prepare first-time sleep-away campers and their parents for a memorable and successful experience. Our effective communication strategies ensure that both parties are well-informed and equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during their time with us.

Quick Tips

  • Let your daughter know that missing home is normal
  • Have confidence she can do it, and allow her the time and space to show you she can!
  • Include your daughter in preparing for the Academy – packing, shopping, planning, etc.
  • Practice writing a letter using the “7F’s”
  • Be loving but firm if she becomes emotional
  • Don’t make deals or promises you don’t intend to keep
  • Contact the Academy office if you have any questions or concern

Communications from your Camper

It is common for campers to become emotional when writing home because they typically write letters when they are tired – during rest hour or in the evening before bed. To guide their letter-writing, we came up with seven topics that help our girls think and share about their experience in an honest and positive way. We call them the “ 7F’s.” We encourage you to speak with your daughter about this framework. You can even practice writing a letter before camp using the 7F’s.

“7 F’s” Letter Outline

Dear __,

  1. FEEL – How are you feeling? Who have you shared your feelings with?
  2. FOOD – What are meal times like? What food have you enjoyed the most?
  3. FAVORITE – Do you have a favorite coach, place, or song?
  4. FIRST – Have you tried or seen something new?
  5. FRIENDS – List the names of your cabin mates. Who are you sharing a bunk with?
  6. FUN – What did you do or see that made you laugh today?
  7. FORWARD – What are you looking forward to tomorrow or later in the week?

Your Happy Camper

* The American Camp Association (ACA) is a great source for facts and information about homesickness and all things camping.


Away From Home Guide