2013 Testimonials

Player Quotes

“Training with Mika before the start of our season was awesome!” – Bowdoin Senior Caption

“What an incredible facility. We loved training here and working on getting our touch back and developing individually” – Colby Freshman

Head Coach Feedback

“Several members of our team participated in the Collegiate Pre-Season program last summer.  As a result, they were fully ready for the physical and mental rigor of preseason training, which allowed us to hit the ground running and enjoy a very successful start to the season.  They raved about every aspect of the program, from the setting and facilities to the challenging and rewarding experiences provided by the coaching staff.  A smashing success!” – Brianne Weaver, Head Coach of Bowdoin Women’s Soccer

“The girls came into pre-season already dialed in and prepared for training. I’d definitely recommend the collegiate pre-season camp to my incoming players again.” – Coach