The Berkshire Soccer Academy For Girls (BSA) is the only program to intentionally infuse balance and fun into a world-class soccer camp experience. Our athletes learn to become better soccer players and more well-rounded people.

Girls come to BSA to receive elite training at top quality facilities from our qualified and experienced coaching staff. They also love our camp environment, enjoy our electives and evening activities, and can’t wait to make new friends.

The Academy soccer program takes an innovative approach to coaching young athletes by providing consistent and individualized instruction to deliberately shape the whole player. Girls are grouped by skill-level in small teams and train with coaches who ensure each player is improving and having fun. Both coaches and players enjoy the benefits of getting to know one another; and these meaningful relationships, combined with an elite training environment, yield extraordinary improvement.

Mental skills training is intentionally woven throughout all aspects of the Academy experience, to teach our players confidence, teamwork, and communication; both on and off the field.

Each girl balances the intensity of soccer training with the enjoyment and opportunity of selecting her own elective activities. During these periods twice a day, girls explore, spend time with friends, and most importantly, relax and have FUN!

Every camper’s well-being and personal safety is a top priority. We serve delicious, healthy food; and teach our athletes about injury prevention, dynamic stretching during warm-up and cool-down, proper hydration, and other important wellness topics.