Building Information

The Berkshire Sports Academy has several large, multifunctional buildings on the property for meetings, recreation, and dining.

  • Lakeside Dining Hall – 40’ x 70’ with working fireplace.  Seats 200.  Can also be used for indoor activities and meetings.
  • Recreation Deck — 4,000 square foot deck with games in center of camp next to dining hall and rec hall
  • Staff Lounge – with computer stations, couches, television and open-air porch
  • Recreation Hall – 40’ x 50’ with stage, screen and speaker system
  • Arts & Crafts – 30’ x 50’ with working fireplace.  Can be subdivided for meetings.
  • Open Air Pavilion by the Fields – 18’ x 36’ sheltered space plus indoor office, lounge and 3 private bathrooms
  • Health Center
  • Office – can be used by team or group

See Housing Information for details on our overnight lodging facilities.