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2016 Session IV – Superhero Girls Soccer Tournament

Super Powered Tournament Gold, bronze, platinum, boring. Most soccer tournaments are the same. Which is [...]

2016 Session III – The TeamFirst and Berky Camper Experience

Training With TeamFirst at the Berkshire Soccer Academy The TeamFirst Experience [...]

2016 Session III – TeamFirst Closing Camp Fire & Highlight Video

The Neon Camp Fire Session III TeamFirst Highlight Video Session III TeamFirst Highlights from Berkshire [...]

2016 Session III – TeamFirst Cabin Cup

Winners of the Cabin Cup Day 3 Morning & Team Photos Day 3 Afternoon & The [...]

2016 Session III – Mia, Kristine & Lil’ Show the Drive to Discover Greatness

Mia Hamm, Kristine & Tish Show How to Discover Greatness Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Tisha Venturini and Univ. [...]

2016 Session II – Closing Campfire and Highlight Video

Session II Highlight Video Our Wednesday night campfire was a highlight of the week. We [...]