Berky Coaches: Stay Connected…at a Game

Coaches and Campers Girls Soccer Camp

Relationships That Last

Every minute of every day of every session at the Berkshire Soccer Academy girls are given the opportunity to experience the Berky Big 3:

  • Develop As a Whole Player (Mentally, Technically, Socially).
  • Build Meaningful Relationships with Campers and Staff.
  • Have Good, Clean, Healthy Fun.

Meaningful relationships don’t end just because the summer does! Berky girls should know about some of the ways to stay connected to staff members. One great way to stay connected with Assistant and Master Coaches is to see them with their college teams!
Soccer Coach Bios Women's

Assistant Coaches

Screenshot 2017-09-27 10.47.27

Watch Maggie Play

Best Female Coaches at Camp

Watch Bennie Play

College Soccer Schedule Ohio Tati Rugama

Watch Tatiana Play

Master Coaches

Jeff Katz Soccer Coach MIT Camps Schedule

Watch Jeff Coach

Darren Lloyd Boston Soccer Coach

Watch Darren Coach

Head Coach Women's Soccer Boston Jobs at camp

Watch Jeb Coach

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