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The Best Soccer Camp Food

The Best?!

Okay, so we can’t be sure that we have the BEST food at any soccer camp in the country, but we think our food is pretty good. Apparently, so do the girls that attended our programs in 2013. The data below is from our end of session surveys. The athletes anonymously answer questions about several aspects of the program and overall experience. One of the areas that Liza and I are very responsive to is the food service.

Gluten Free and Vegetarian

Over the past few years we’ve responded to more requests for gluten-free (GF) and Vegetarian (V) options for athletes. This is something that our Head Chef Darlene has taken to heart. She has developed her homemade and top-secret recipes for a variety of alternatives. The most notable from this year was the development of the GF &V  “Hamburger” patty.

Survey Responses

On to the data! The responses below are to the question: “The food at the Academy was___________”