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6 Advantages of Watching NCAA and Local Women’s Soccer Games this Fall

Tis the season for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice drinks, cooler weather, and best of all…NCAA soccer! Autumn marks a very exciting time of year for every soccer lover. Watching soccer games provide a tremendous amount of learning opportunities to keep your athlete engaged and inspired long after their summer experience at Berkshire Soccer Academy. So what better way to get into the fall spirit than by joining your daughter for a lively afternoon at a local game?


There’s something special about watching your young athlete’s eyes light up when their team scores a goal.  But just as your child will be able to witness the pride of a victory, she will also witness the agony of defeat. This is a critical lesson every athlete must learn: failure is not fatal.

Over the summer, our all-star coaches encouraged campers to find their drive for success — no matter how discouraged or frustrated they were feeling about their performance. This mentality applies in many other areas of your daughter’s life, including school and family relationships. While watching soccer this fall, she will be able to witness first hand how soccer players handle this pressure and shine in both victory and defeat.

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See It, Be It

At age 19, Mia Hamm became the youngest team member in history to win the World Cup.  Then, Kristine Lilly made history when she helped the United States bring home two Olympic Gold Medals.  Did we mention that Tisha Venturini Hoch also broke records as the eleventh ranked goal-scorer in American women’s soccer?

Over the summer, our athletes have numerous opportunities to be inspired by the focus, teamwork, and grit of US Soccer Legends & BSA’s top-notch coaches. We find that having these role models to watch and learn from plays a crucial role in the success of our soccer players. Now that the summer is over and soccer season is in full swing, local games can help your child reignite that drive and focus they built at camp.

Find Your Local Hero

Soccer legends aren’t created overnight. In fact, many of them began their athletic careers learning the same lessons and having the same frustrations not so far away from our campers’ hometowns.  Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Carli Lloyd made her beginnings as just another New Jersey kid who loved watching and playing soccer. FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion Abby Wambach started off as a New York local who enjoyed soccer as a fun family activity. Every US Soccer Legend made her beginnings through commitment, motivation, and family fun!

Your child can build on her own athletic career by watching some of her very own local heroes at the next game. In the spirit of Abby Wambach, why not bring the whole family for a fun game night?


“I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.”
Mia Hamm, US Soccer Legend and BSA Coach

The school year can be a busy time for your young athlete. She doesn’t have the same amount of time to devote to improving her footwork like she did during the summer. Local soccer games can bridge some of that learning in a very fun and exciting way! Inspiring your daughter to be her best doesn’t always mean playing more soccer. While your daughter watches the game, ask her to verbalize each time she notices moves or techniques that are either familiar or new to her.

Building Team Players

The best soccer teams work as a unit, supporting one another on the field and after a long game. The soccer camp experience at Berkshire Soccer Academy builds on the successful techniques of some of the best US teams to create a community where girls feel inspired to do their best and encourage their fellow teammates to reach their goals. In the same spirit, your daughter can find inspiration from watching local players work together to reach victory.  

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Whether your daughter is on the field or cheering for her favorite team in the crowd, there’s a lesson to be learned. Each and every experience contributes to your daughter’s success in soccer, school and at home. Her support in the stands will one day translate into confidence on the field.

From technique to family fun…there are just so many reasons to bring your daughter to local games. We hope to see you out on the stands of your favorite team this fall!

Looking for some great local games to attend with your family? Check out the various NCAA Women’s Soccer Schedules for Division I, Division II or Division III for local games. If you are interested in attending a game with other BSA families, feel free to send us an email and we can help coordinate.

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