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Prepare for the Best Sleep-away Camp Experience

Congratulations, after searching for the best sleep-away soccer camp for your daughter, you’ve found the Berkshire Soccer Academy!

We work year-round to design an unforgettable program that our athletes will enjoy, but we also want our parents to have an excellent experience too. We recognize the trust you place in us, and we make every effort to honor that trust by building a communicative relationship. From day one, Katy and Paul are available to address any and every question families may have about attending the Academy. In addition, there will be an open house at camp in mid-June. All new families will receive an invitation and more information.

At this point, our “parent partnership” has officially begun! During the weeks and days leading up to the first day of camp we will work together to ensure you and your daughter are prepared for an incredible experience at the Academy. Here are the first two pieces of information for parents:

  • Athlete Handbook – First, this means thoroughly reviewing our Athlete Handbook. We put this document together to specifically help prepare parents and campers for the Academy. It includes a Packing List, as well as arrival & departure day information, and important camp policies. Parents and campers should review this handbook together to ensure that everything is well understood.
  • Submit Forms – The next task is to submit our required forms. We post all necessary forms on your private BSA Account dashboard, allowing you to access them whenever you need. You can login to your dashboard by entering the same Username and Password you used to complete the Camper Application. Click on the “Forms & Documents” section to view all of your forms displayed in one list. To submit each form, simply upload the completed document directly to this page.

Once your forms are complete, we recommend you continue discussing the upcoming camp experience with your daughter to make sure you both feel comfortable and ready. If any questions or concerns do arise, feel free to contact us to make sure we leave no question unanswered. See you at the Academy!

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One thought on “Welcome to the Academy | The Best Camp Preparation

  1. novita says:

    hi there,
    i read that you might give us a call in a few days to welcome us to berkshire. Just FYI, since we are living all the way in indonesia, it would probably be best to contact us via skype. that way its cheaper for everyone.
    my skype id is novita menayang fischer. also we are 12 hour ahead from massachusets so a 9am your time is 9pm our time.
    my daughter cant wait to go.. cheers,novita

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