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Meet the BLOB!

Meet the BLOB!

The Main Event at the Berky Waterfront

Whether you’re a veteran or first-time blobber, here is what you need to know about the main event at the Berkshire Soccer Academy waterfront.


  • To Blob: To climb/ leap / fall off the platform landing on the air pillow.
  • To be Blobbed: To get launched into the air as a result of someone blobbing you.



  • X marks the spot: There is a sweet spot to land when blobbing, it’s usually achieved while landing in a cannonball position 2-3 feet out in front of the jumping platform. The same can be said for the person being blobbed.
  • Recruiting a Blobber: While it is true the campers can blob each others, some of the more extraordinary blob flights take place when the girls convince a staff member to be a blobber for an entire elective period.
  • Thanks to the Lifejacket: All of the girls that swim outside of the shallow area at the lake wear lifejackets. Jumping onto the blob is easy, climbing onto the blob is not. Thankfully the buoyancy of the lifejackets help tremendously with the repeated task of climbing out of the water onto the blob.

More Lake Fun

In addition to the blob, the waterfront is also home to:

  • Fishing
  • Basketball
  • Stand-up Paddleboarding
  • Canoes
  • The Quarter-pipe *New for 2017