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ODP Explained Part 2: Participation Statistics

02/26/2021 Update – For additional girls soccer commentary from US Youth Soccer expert Sam Snow watch our new series with Sam Snow.

Sam Snow Advice for Parents

The Pathway from ODP to the US Youth National Team

We spoke with Sam Snow, US Youth Soccer’s Director of Coaching about topics of interest to parents and coaches. In the video above, Sam shares statistics of participation from local ODP tryouts to the youth national team, and each step between. In an earlier video, Sam explained the levels of ODP tryouts.

Where Do Girls ODP Region 1 Players Come From?

The map below shows the states represented by players currently in the girls U14-U18 region pools.

Download the Map

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The Road to the Youth National Soccer Team

The statistics represented in the pyramid illustrate the pool of girls soccer players in the U.S. who are eligible for participation in the ODP process to make the national team.

ODP Statistics Pyramid

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“ODP Explained”

“Part 2: Participation Statistics”

“The ODP: Statistics at each level”

“Sam Snow, coaching director, US Youth Soccer”

“Example of Statistics behind each level of participation in the ODP?”

We’ll use Eastern New York Youth Soccer as an example. Last year they registered a little over 90 thousand players ages 5 to 19. Out of that 90,000 players there’s probably 2 or 3,000 that are trying out for the ODP, boys and girls all ages.

“How many players are in each age and gender group? At the district and state levels?”

In a particular age group of a particular gender, it might be 100, 200, 300 kids across the whole state that are trying out for that particular age group and that particular gender

“What percentage of players make the state team?”

“Only 23 players selected for final state team”

Once you make the district level, you go on to the state level, it’s a whole new set of challenges because now you’re up against all the kids who made it from all the other districts around your state

“How many districts there are?”

That’s going to vary on the geography and player population from state to state.
10 to 25 percent advance to the state team – states vary in participation – younger age groups are more competitive.

“What percentage of players advance from the state to regional team?”

7 percent of players make a regional team – at the regional level, the best of the best are identified. Once you make the state team you go onto a regional level where there could be, depending on the region, 12 to 15 states represented. You’re up against the best in your age group from 12 to 15 states. That’s a daunting hill to climb.

“Who makes the national team?”

“1/10th of 1 percent of the total player population.”

When you look at who makes our senior national team statistically, it’s 1/10th of 1 percent of the players registered in the country. So the very pinnacle of the pyramid. The full women’s national team, the full men’s national team, they represent 1/10th of 1 percent of all the players, soccer players, youth soccer players, high school, college, etc., that are participating in the sport. So it is a very small cap at the top of the pyramid, for sure.