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Sam Snow Q&A: Advice For Parents

How to Navigate the Post-Pandemic Youth Soccer Landscape

We talked with former US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching, Sam Snow and he shared his advice on various topics such as getting kids back on the field, choosing the right soccer club, and the path to becoming a college soccer player.

Sam Snow Q&A: Advice For Parents

Who Is Sam Snow? 

  • Former Technical Director for US Youth Soccer
  • Started soccer consultancy business
  • Teaches coaching courses for United Soccer Coaches/US Soccer
  • Works with North Texas State Soccer and South Texas Soccer in their grassroots courses

What advice do you have for those who are really into soccer and super eager to get back out there?

  • It’s coming in your neck of the woods
  • It depends upon health circumstances that are beyond the control of anybody involved in soccer
  • Remember that it’s happening even at the professional level
  • Everybody’s anxious to get back to some kind of normalcy and we just have to be wise about doing that

What advice do you have for the group of families and their players who are a little bit less engaged?

  • Get your kids back over the next year or two where they’re interacting with other kids & they’re getting some physical exercise for a. their general health and b. because perhaps they have been cooped up for too long
  • Make a plan that as soon as the situation allows you will get your kid back out into some outside activities
  • Remember that soccer is a great team sport that allows for social interaction

How do you make sure your daughter is in the best place for her soccer future?

  • At the club-level, look at options and do your homework
  • Always make sure leaders in the club think about how they keep players and staff as safe as possible

How should parents and players choose which club is right for them?

  • Ask yourself – “Is this the right club for me?”
  • Do your research
  • Take a look at their business model
  • Talk to current members, coaches, and administrators
  • Find out the character of the club

What advice do you have for girls who want to play college soccer?

  • Research schools that you might be interested in going to
  • Reach out to coaches first – be proactive about it
  • Parents – give your kids a nudge if need be
  • After breaking the ice with a college coach, a player will build more confidence and see that more opportunities start to open up for them