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Responding To Camper Feedback and Reviews

2018 Improvement Plans

More than 800 camper and parents responded to our surveys.  Here is some of the feedback we received along with the changes we are implementing in 2018 to address that feedback.

Cabin Life

Campers said:

“Camp would be better if you could make the beds more comfortable”

For 2018:  We’re committed to making our mattresses softer. Either through additional padding and entirely new mattressess.  We’ll keep you posted.

Campers said:

“Add Doors Between Ertz and Heath and between Kling & Ertz and Lavelle & Heath.”

For 2018:  We’re adding a solid, sliding door to separate these cabins. Problem solved!

Campers said:

“If we had clocks in the cabins it would help us be on time”

For 2018:  We’re adding a digital alarm clock to every camper cabin. Now everybody will be on time for breakfast, right?

Soccer Training

Campers said:

“The shirts are too heavy.”

For 2018:  We totally agree, our #berkyshirts shouldn’t get in the way of training.  We are getting lighter weight, more breathable shirts.

Campers said:

“It’s really hot on the fields sometimes. There isn’t enough shade.”

For 2018:  We’re adding at least 1 new shaded seating area to each of the fields. In addition to shade, these resting stations will have ice water too.

Campers said:

“I want Gatorade on the sideline of all the fields”

For 2018:  Sorry but Gatorade attracts bees.  So, we will continue to keep the Gatorade at the pavilion where we can keep a handle on the bees. Campers can continue to drink Gatorade during before & after training or during an appropriate break.

Elective Program

Campers said:

“Make the waterfront changing rooms better; more rooms, so we can spend more time in the water.” 

What We’re Doing:  We’re building a new, 16 room changing complex.  The rooms will have, solid walls, ceilings and composite wood flooring.  This is 50%  more lockers than before, which will speed up the changing and allow more time for water fun.

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