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Closing Campfires at Soccer Camp

The Best Part of Soccer Camp … Campfires?

There’s no doubt about it, something magical happens around the campfire at the end of a session. Each week starts with 130 individual girls that want to improve their soccer skills and have fun. After 5 days of training, eating and bunking together, the girls form strong bonds with each other and the staff. Our closing campfire format varies from week to week, but there are fixtures that help make each campfire memorable.

Cabin Performances

At the beginning of the week, campers get to enjoy a few staff performances at our welcome campfire. This demonstration is pivotal in showing the girls that athletes (and coaches) can be relax and be themselves at BSA. Under the direction of the counselors, the group creates or modifies a 2-3 minute skit, song or scene to reveal at the closing campfire. For some campers this is a major “step-up” moment. A first-time over-night camper’s experience is perfectly culminated by taking the spotlight during her cabin skit!



It’s incredibly valuable for athletes to reflect on their challenges & victories as well as share appreciation with those who helped along the way. During each closing night, Berky girls get to process & complete the week with an activity we call “High, Low & Hero”.  A handful of volunteers will stand up at the end of the closing campfire and share their high; the sweetest, funniest or most powerful moment of the week. Then, the low; a challenge or point of struggle. To finish, they share their hero of the week; a coach, friend or event that contributed to the athlete. This is another “step-up” opportunity for girls to speak in front of the whole camp. At the end of the night, each cabin completes High, Low & Hero so every girl has the opportunity to share.


What would a campfire be without s’mores? Of course each campfire is includes the classic American camping dessert. We even have gluten-free graham crackers to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the most coveted snack of the week.

Highlight Video

Our media team captures an incredible amount of video footage and photos. Our daily blog posts during each session highlight the best photos of the day but much of the video content is hidden from parents and campers. Until the closing campfire. Near the end of the campfire (when it’s dark), we premier the weeks highlight video outside with our projector and outdoor screen.

Session Highlights