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Berky Girl Guide Part 2: Berky Big 3

How to Be Yourself

“Relax. Be yourself. Be confident, Take risks. Be creative.” Directives like these are offered with great intentions from the sidelines on soccer fields every weekend. However, these requests are futile without ever knowing what it’s like to be a relaxed, confident and creative player in the first place. That’s one of the things that berky girls learn at camp. Developing skills away from parents, coaches and tryouts, gives our athletes a chance to be themselves and discover their greatness.

Our Promise, the Berky Big 3

Life at the Berkshire Soccer Academy is easy. Everyone attends for for three main reasons. We call them the Berky Big 3. Each athlete at Berky wants to:

  • Develop as a whole player on and off the field.
  • Build meaningful relationships with campers and staff.
  • Have good ole’ clean healthy fun!

Everything that happens at Berky is an opportunity for Berky girls to make the Berky Big 3 happen. Whether it’s your 1st or 6th summer with us, or you can feel confident arriving at camp knowing that you can be yourself and expect to expierence the Berky Big 3