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Berky Leadership Team 2018

New Assistant Director

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Berky this summer. And we’re excited for you to meet Katy Kreiner, the newest member of our summer and year-round leadership teams. Katy, an experienced soccer coach and camp professional, will oversee Residential Life and be responsible for the well-being of our athletes. She’ll also help run camp-wide events and serve up lots of “good ole’ clean healthy fun.” You are going to love her.

New Soccer Director

We have another Katie, Katie Collar, joining us this summer as our Director of Soccer. Katie played collegiate soccer at Eastern Kentucky University and has spent the last three years developing a high performance Canadian soccer academy. Katie will work closely with Liza during staff orientation and the first two sessions . After that, Liza will shift to being a full-time Mom, and Katie will lead our team of experienced Master Coaches and Head Coaches, most of whom are returners.

The Full-time Team

Berky veterans Paul Titley (Operations Director) and Mandie Titley (Office Manager) will complete our summer leadership team. The entire team is supported by Dan Zenkel, who founded BSA and who has worked closely with Liza and Eric over the past nine years. Organizations evolve and grow over time, and that is what Berky is doing. We’re committed to the growth of our beloved Berky community, one which will continue to build strong and lasting relationships.