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Feedback is in our DNA: Camper & Parent Reviews

Best soccer camps use surveys of parents 2018-2019 Girls

Camp Reviews

At Berky, we value honest feedback. There’s is no better way to improve than to hear what campers and parents are thinking. Although we’re looking for ways to develop and respond to concerns, we also enjoy when things go according to our plans. Thankfully, in 2018 we received high marks from Berky families. Here are some highlights:

  • 95% of our athletes said their soccer improved while at BSA.
  • 97% of BSA families were satisfied with their experience.
    • 80% reported being very satisfied
    • 17% reported being satisfied.

Coming on the heels of 2017, it’s clear that these high marks are the norm for Berky.

BSA Family on Arrival Day

Camper & Parent Surveys During the Summer?

On the last morning of every session, we ask campers to anonymously complete a written survey about their experience. We immediately input every survey and analyze the results. Before the next session begins, we make any necessary adjustments. We analyze the entire summer’s results and make changes for the following summer. Here are some of the topics we ask about and how we use the feedback we receive.

  • Food – We ask campers to list their favorite and least favorite meals. If a lot of campers didn’t like a particular meal, we jump on it. If a meal can be improved, we improve it. If not, we replace it with something better.
  • Counselors –  In 2018, more than 75% of campers rated their counselors “Great”, and 95% rated them “Great” or “Very Good”.
  • Electives – Based on the camper’s ratings of their most and least favorite electives, we add & modify our offerings. That’s how we came to add archery in 2018.
  • Arrival Day – The first hours at camp are the most important for campers to feel safe and settled. We heavily modified our arrival day process from 2017 to make this summer’s check-in speedier. In 2018 over 99% of parents said that arrival day was “Efficient and Organized”.
  • Improvements – All of our survey data including our staff feedback helps guide our facility enhancements. In the coming months, we’ll tell you about the improvements we are making for 2019.  

We owe many thanks (Clap, Clap, Whoosh!) to all of the campers and parents who have completed our surveys for responding with thoughtful comments and feedback. Your comments validate our efforts and help us improve.

Feedback Is In Our DNA

The Berky community of staff, campers and families allows everyone the chance to contribute and be heard. With your continued support and feedback, the Berky experience continues to improve each year and allow everyone connected to Berky a chance to to discover their greatness.  

When we ask for feedback about anything related to the Berky experience, we’re ready to respond. No comment is too small to be insignificant. For example, although some campers and many staff enjoy omelets and egg scrambles, some campers in 2018 made it clear that cheese and eggs need their own space. So, we created options to make everybody happy.

2018 Highlights

Overall, the 2018 was our most successful summer. Checkout the highlight videos from each session to see all the action again.

2018 Video Highlights

News and Reviews of Camp

Want to learn more about our past survey summaries? We’ve created a News and Reviews page to keep track of our coverage in the media as well as what people are saying about the Berky experience on surveys and social media.

Berky News & Reviews