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2020 Program & Facility Enhancements

Here are six of the areas in which we’re enhancing the Berky experience for 2020:

Two New Cabins: Featuring expansive lake view decks, plenty of space to hangout and upgraded bathrooms. Follow us on Instagram to vote which USWNT players the cabins will be named after.

Dining Hall Expansion: 
We are building an indoor-outdoor deck to enhance the dining experience and add rainy day program space.

More “Fun Games”:
 Expanding the Chill Zone to include  “Carpetball” and “9-Square In the Air”.

Flying, Fishing and Funyaks at the Lake:
 Can you imagine? A whole fleet of Funyaks, a new, quieter fishing hole, and a Blob that will send you flying!

More Training Groups & Program Updates: 
5 groups in each session will provide more training space and individual attention from coaches. Additionally, we’re revitalizing the Mental Skills & Keeper Programs and adding a “choose your topic” session for older athletes.

5 More Private Changing Rooms: More time swimming and less waiting to change!  

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News and Reviews of Camp

Wondering what all the Berky buzz is about? We’ve created a News and Reviews page to keep track of our coverage in the media as well as what people are saying about their Berky experience on surveys and social media.

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