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2021 Soccer Survey Results

Soccer has been a refuge for Berky Girls

We surveyed over 900 Berky parents about the impact of COVID on their daughters’ soccer participation and received nearly 200 (21%) responses. According to the survey, 99% of Berky girls played between September and February, and more than 98% expect to play in the spring. And they are playing a lot: 3.6 days in the fall and spring and 2.7 in the winter.

Soccer Participation

In the fall and for this coming spring most girls participated or will participate in Club, Travel, Private or Small Group Training and their Local/Town Leagues. Participation in Travel and Club Soccer will increase in the spring, while private and small group training will decline.

                                                                       Fall                              Spring

Club                                                             30.8%                             38.7%

Travel                                                          26.9%                            31.8%

Private or small group training           20.2%                            14.6%

Local/town league – e.g. AYSO            10.9%                             9.6%

Switching Clubs

Since the pandemic struck in March 2020, 22% of girls surveyed have changed clubs. The main reasons:

  • Club folded due to  Covid-19
  • Desire for higher-level competition

Play This Summer At Berky

Despite all of the difficulty required to train and play with Covid-19 restrictions, almost all girls surveyed were eager to keep playing.

97% of girls surveyed want to continue playing soccer.

Join Us At Berky This Summer