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Response to Feedback- 2022 Improvements

Feedback from our camper and parent surveys helps us determine what aspects of camp need to be improved and upgraded. This post highlights Summer 2022 enhancements.

Facility Improvements

1. Team First Will Open and Close the Berky Season

We are so excited to welcome TeamFirst (clap clap) back for their 9th summer. Session 1 filled so quickly that we decided to add a second TeamFirst session. Session IX: TeamFirst Mini Camp will run from August 14-16. Now, twice as many athletes will have an opportunity to train with Mia, Lil, and Tish.

2. Finer Fields

Last summer’s record rainfalls sometimes left our grass fields unplayable. To ensure the playability of those fields throughout the summer, we are bringing in specialized equipment to improve how they drain. In addition, construction has begun on a covered turf field that will be ready for play in 2023.

3. New Soccer Balls

With the help of TeamFirst and Soccer.com we will be upgrading our soccer balls. The new Nike Academy balls will offer a better quality soccer experience.

4. Each Session Will Have 5 Training Groups

With the addition of Cabin Hamm & Wambach in 2021, we decided it’s time to add a 5th Training group for our 150+ campers. This will improve camper to coach ratios to ensure all players get the best training experience. Not to mention an additional Master Coach.

5. A Hoop On The Rec Deck

Our campers and staff love a good ol’ game of knockout when they are hanging on the rec deck…. our new mini Bball court will be sure to provide many fun games (FUN GAME) this summer.

And a Few For Our Older Campers

6. Additional Fleet of Funyaks

We’re adding a new fleet of funyaks (one size up) for our older campers to enjoy this summer on Larkum Lake.

7. New Camper Lounge

Our new camper lounge, located beneath the dining hall and adjacent to the workout room will have lots of couches, big-screen TVs, foosball, board games, and a great sound system. This big new space will be a relaxing hangout for our oldest campers.

News and Reviews of Camp

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