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Helpful Blog Tools

On a functional note, the BSA Blog will use the following tools to keep our posts organized and easily searchable:

  • Categories: Each post will be assigned one category that best suits its content. For example, a post on pre-game meals will bear the category “Nutrition” in its orange flag. Readers can then choose to search the nutrition category for all posts in that category.
  • Tags: Unlike categories, a single post can have many tags. Continuing the pre-game meals example, in addition to its “Nutrition” category, this post may have many tags, such as: performance enhancement, physical, food, meals, pre-game, and preparation. This way, a search done on any of these keywords will yield this post, among others. Tags are always listed at the bottom of each post.
  • Comments: Most, if not all, blogs posts will be open to comments from our readers. We encourage you to participate by asking questions, providing additional resources, offering feedback, and sharing thoughts. We will do our best to respond to these comments in a timely manner.

We hope you utilize these tools to maximize your experience on the BSA Blog.