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NSCAA Convention – Part II

The 2013 NSCAA Convention was a success! Our exhibit booth was a great way to share the Academy with the world. Check it out…

Yes, that’s Eric balancing a chair on his chin…drawing a crowd, as usual! He tends to do that with lots of things: baseball bats, skis, campfire logs. Just another reason to come to the Berkshire Soccer Academy!

On top of sharing the Academy with coaches and players from across the country, we were lucky enough to meet lots of great people, like: USWNT superstar Michelle Akers, and Brazilian phenom Marta.

We also hung out with past BSA staff members: Kate Incerto, Caryn Mackenzie, and Michael Poropat.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by our booth, and sharing the enthusiasm we have for soccer and camp! Here’s to kicking off 2013 right!