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Assistant Coaches at the Academy

We Help Players Become Coaches.

Every summer, 16 collegiate women’s soccer players are selected to become Assistant Coaches and Cabin Counselors at the Berkshire Soccer Academy. During their time with us, (June 20st – Aug. 12th) each Assistant Coach will develop professionally through:

We are still looking for a few more incredible young women to join us this summer. If you know anyone that would be a great candidate, please direct them to our staff application.

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Staff Orientation

Each staff member (including Assistant Coaches) attends our 5-day staff training prior to the first day of camp. During this paid orientation, the staff work with our leadership team to prepare curriculum & plan events as well as familiarize themselves with the facility. This aspect of staff training is vital. Orientation allows staff members to, “own it before they share it.” When campers arrive on the first day, they are greeted warmly, by a close-knit Berky family.