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Parents Guide Part 3 – Staff Orientation

Staff Orientation

The greatest part about BSA staff orientation is the way that all 65 staff members come together to be trained in living and sharing the “Berky way.” The entire staff is eagerly awaiting for the girls to arrive. A large part of training is spent on how to bring the Berky Big 3 to life. The Berky Big 3 are the three reasons why each and every camper attends the Academy, each athlete wants to:

  • Train As a Whole Player – Experience positive coaching of the technical, tactical and mental aspects of the game both on and off the field.
  • Develop Meaningful Relationships – Connect with new friends, both campers and staff alike.
  • Have Fun – Good, clean, healthy, age-appropriate fun in a traditional camp setting.

After an immersive training experience the staff are very excited to share all of our fun games and traditions with the campers this Sunday during Session I Arrival Day. To learn more about our soccer coaching staff, click the button below to see some of their biographies.

Meet the Coaches

Mental Skills Orientation