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Soccer Camp Reviews: The Results of Parent & Camper Surveys

Soccer Camp Reviews

We ask every camper and parent to evaluate the Berky experience. The results give us direct and honest feedback about camp. We learn what to improve and what campers & parents appreciated. This blog is the first of two posts reviewing the feedback from the summer of 2019. Let’s take a moment to celebrate what went well.

2019 Summer in Review

Camper Reviews of Overnight Soccer Camp

  • 95% of BSA athletes said their experience was great or very good.
    • 60% said “Great;” 35% said “Very Good;” and 5% said “Good” Only 1 of 898 respondents(.001%) said the experience was “Bad”
  • 93% of athletes said their counselors were great or very good.
  • 85% of BSA Varsity Session athletes reported feeling better prepared for high school tryouts, and 80% said their confidence improved. Only 4% said they did not feel more confident or better prepared. The rest were unsure.  
  • 90% of athletes said their soccer improved while at BSA. Only 2% saw no improvement. The rest were unsure.
  • More than 90% of athletes said they were placed in a training group suited to their ability.
  • Only 7% of campers do not want to return. 87% want to return; 6% are not sure.

Parent Reviews of Residential Soccer Camp

  • 98% of parents said they were very satisfied or satisfied with the Berky experience. 
    • 80% said Very Satisfied; 18% said Satisfied. Only 2 of 287 respondents said they were not satisfied.
  • 83% of parents said their daughter came home from camp more confident than when she left. 15.2% of the campers were not sure. Only 1.8% did not recognize an increase in confidence. 
  • 94% of parents thought that Berky was a good investment in their daughter6% were not sure. Not one parent said that Berky was not a good investment.

Parent Quotes From Summer 2019



Highlights From Each Week of Camp

Check out the highlight videos from each session to relive the action and read our summer highlights blog post, recapping the most memorable moments of the summer.

2019 Video Highlights

The Most Important Questions That We Review

These questions are critical to us because they are the most important to parents.

  • Did my daughter improve her soccer?
  • Did she have fun and meet new friends?
  • Was attending soccer camp worth the investment?  

This year the answer to these questions was overwhelmingly “Yes.” These results have been consistent year to year. Review our 2017 survey analysis and 2018 feedback.

Reviews Part II- Enhancements and Improvement

After each session, we carefully review camper and parent survey data and comments, and respond immediately when possible.  At summer’s end, we again review every camper, parent and staff survey and carefully consider what can be done to address concerns and suggestions. The resulting changes and improvements – which are under discussion – will be shared in a late-fall blog post.  

News and Reviews of Camp

Want to learn more about our past survey results? Our News and Reviews page tracks our coverage in the media as well as what people are saying about the Berky experience on social media.

Berky News & Reviews