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Soccer Girl Holiday Gift Guide

Berky Girl Gift Guide

As the holidays approach, there’s no need to sweat. We’ve got your back! Check out our new 2020 Berky Girl Gift Guide below. We’ve highlighted some of this season’s hottest items that we think your Berky Girl will absolutely love. We broke them down into three categories: Training, Lifestyle and Game Day! Happy Shopping!


Dribble Up

When bad weather threatens, there’s no need to worry. Train at home with this amazing app-enabled ball and transform your basement, playroom, or driveway into a soccer skills zone! 


Techne Subscription

This App designed, by Yael Averbuch a former USWNT player who has twice visited the Berky Invitationalprovides guidance and curriculum to helps players develop soccer ball mastery at home and athletes continue training on their own. New sessions become available weekly. Each session includes Juggling, Dribbling and Wall Work. Time Trials enable players to score themselves and track their improvement. 

Skills Rebounder

Another great option for our girls who enjoy training on their own. This rebounder will help with accuracy and quick feet. Get outside and train to develop the footskills of Kristine Lilly.

Golden Touch Trainer

Simulating the movement and feel of a match ball, the SKLZ Golden Touch builds technique, touch and control while maintaining the weight of a regulation-sized ball. The official size 3 ball, weighted as an official size 5, mimics the bounce, roll and reaction of a match ball. Great gift for any #berkygirl!

Nike Epic React Flyknit Trainers


For our girls on the go, and always training for tryouts, a good pair of trainers is a must. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your #berkygirl.



Berky Beanie

Your Berky Girl will keep warm this winter with our exclusive holiday item, the Berky Beanie! Visit the BSA online store to purchase while supplies last.



Get to and from games in comfort and style. Crocs are back in style among female athletes. Your daughter can customize her crocs with Jibbetz. She can even rock her jersey number and initials.


All the craze for young athletes as they get to choose their color from a wide variety. These keep water cold for hours and the girls love to personalize them with stickers.

Slip On Vans

Berky Girls are always on the go and these Vans let them move in style. These are an awesome addition to any girls closet and come in many color choices. 

Grab and Go Pony Holders

These pony holders are not only super cute, but they are the best way to keep your pony tight! Orders arrive in this cute ball of 30, enough to share with friends!

Portable Charger

When our girls are on the go from school to practice, these are great to help them stay charged. These portable chargers are super easy to travel with, so your daughter will never be out of touch.

Adidas Leggings

As the temps drop, and the shorts retire to the drawer for the winter, these Adidas Leggings are a must! A top choice of soccer girls around the globe, available in so many different colors and styles. 

Game Day

Girls Soccer Cleats

Soccer girls love nothing more than a new pair of fresh cleats. We LOVE these Nike Phantoms. Not only do they look fabulous, they are super easy to get on and offer support throughout the entire game. They come in a wide variety of colors in both youth and adult sizes.

Nike Tie Headbands

We see these wide tie back headbands on every field. Nike offers a variety of colors to match any uniform. Berky girls love these!

Under Armour Water Jugs

Never run out of water on those long tournament days.  These insulated jugs, which come in a variety of colors, keep water cold on hot days and come with a cool hook handle to keep them off the ground and make them easy to find.


Soccer girls love to match their pre-wrap to their mood and can never have too many colors. Grab a multi pack for your Berky Girl. She can keep a roll or two in her bag to help out teammates who forget their own!

Girls Futsal/Indoor Trainers

Chances are your daughter will train indoors this winter. Help her stay quick with these Adidas Predators! Lightweight and super comfortable, these are great for futsal and indoor training.

Headphones or Earbuds

Prepare like the pros. Your daughter can listen to her fav tunes while she trains and gets pumped for the game. She can also stay up to date with her favorite team and live stream games on the go.