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2024 Brings Even More Improvements

Last year, we made extensive improvements, including a covered turf, larger goals, and a new cabin. At Berky, we never stop looking for ways to enhance our athletes’ experience. Here’s what’s coming for Summer 2024.

Soccer and Elective Improvements

New Training Tools.  We’re taking our soccer program to another level with new training equipment including training mannequins, reaction pods and improved stretch bands. We’ve also upgraded all of our small pug goals to Bazooka goals. 

Covered Turf Upgrades. Lights (and a new sound system) in the Mac-Arena will brighten rainy-day play and enable night play and all-weather evening activities.

Longer Electives.  Campers continually ask for longer elective periods. Many also suggest scaling back Tuesday trainings to allow for more rest before the Tuesday evening Berky Tourney (woot woot).  We’ve tweaked the schedule to address both requests. On Tuesday afternoons, campers can choose between optional, specialized soccer sessions or extended elective time.

WoodCraft.  Another frequent request is for “more elective options.”  We’re adding a dedicated wood-crafting space to the Art Fort. This space will feature projects such as decorative wall signs, jewelry boxes and more.

More Waterfront Inflatables After many summers of lake fun, we’re retiring the “Rock-It” and purchasing a new inflatable. Stay tuned this spring for more details!

More Lounge Space We’ve moved things around to make more space in the Lakeside Lounge, adding 3 additional couches and a new larger-TV.

The Snack Shack

Berky athletes burn a lot of calories each day. They need fuel! They love our meals but want better and more options between meals. Our solution, “The Snack Shack”, a dedicated space for healthy snacks between meals, will offer fresh fruit, chips, gogurt, and more. Campers will be able to visit during the transition between soccer and electives.

S’more Smores

One of the most frequent camper requests is for “more marshmallows.” We run a tight ship, but we’re giving in on this one. Campers may now add a second marshmallow to their s’more.

Cabin Improvements

Shower Changing Stalls. Each summer campers who stay in River’s Edge (Press, O’Hara, Rodman & Dunn ) and Boulder Creek (S & K Mewis) ask for shower changing stalls. Both cabins are being remodeled to add those changing stalls and to provide more living space. Every shower at camp now has an adjacent changing stall.   

More Spacious Cabin and More Cabin Storage. As part of the River’s Edge and Boulder Creek renovations, we’re expanding the living space in those cabins. Boulder Creek is now a single, large cabin with lots of interior relaxation space. We’ve also tweaked the Lodge (Swanson) layout to open up space, and we’re adding bathroom storage to every cabin.   

More Diversity

Last spring, we took a deep dive with some of our parents to explore their thoughts and feelings about the Academy. We learned that Berky parents value diversity and want their children to be exposed to individuals from varying ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. While our staff is quite diverse in all respects, our camper population is less so. To address this, we are awarding an additional 20 one-session scholarships.


2024 Brings Even More Improvements

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