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2019 Soccer Camps Schedule

What’s new for Summer of 2019

Everything we do is to make the Berky Big 3 come alive. That’s how we guide girls to “discover their greatness” on and off the field. Here’s what’s in store for our 2019 campers:  

    • World Cup with Team First: Mia, Kristine and Tish return for their 6th summer. Campers will enjoy a World Cup viewing party with these former world cup champions.
    • 8 Sessions to Choose From: We’ve added an 8th session so we can accommodate everyone’s schedule.
    • Visiting Pro: Come train with one of our Visiting Pros during Session V.
    • Berky Invitational: Regionally competitive players will train together with exceptional coaches. Check eligibility here.
    • Varsity Session: A proven way to effectively prepare for tryouts and impact your H.S. team.
  • More Water Fun:  A new element on our water playground will enhance our already fantastic lake.  Stay tuned for more details.